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7 years of experience

About Us

We are consisted of team of private investigators with vast knowledge of how the crypto space evolves.

With or Without any assistance of the institutional authority, we are able to flag and charge back any wallet (regardless of whether it was sent to mixers) or bank account given sufficient claims provided by any affected victim linked to a particular fraud. The general populace oblivious of the fact that experts now have a clue and ignorant of this technological advancement.

Long Gone are the days when cryptocurrencies are untraceable (however, this process has not gotten the blockchain technology approval) - which is why it’s not made public yet.

While we doubt the possibility of it ever getting approved because of how anonymous and decentralized they want cryptocurrencies to be, blockchain chargeback will continue to hunt down these scammers who hide under this guise.

Meanwhile you should consider yourself privileged amongst others to benefit from this exposure ahead of time.

We assure that all refund or recovery of asset is possible through us. We will like that you also keep this process privileged as it is and non-disclosure is strictly advised throughout the process to avoid any kind of compromise.

Our Chargeback Process

This is how we do the magic. Our method offers the highest success rates in the market, and already helped hundreds of people to get their money back, with total funds recovered over $50,000,000.

Review your request

Once you send us the online contact form, we start reviewing your case. You will be contacted by one of our advisors which will explain to you about the funds recovery process, about your different options for funds recovery, and will also ask for further details to complete our understanding of your case and if it's eligible for a chargeback.

We will guide you through the process of collecting all the relevant evidence that will later help us reach the desired results (having your money back). Recordings, E-Mails, Receipts, Wallet addresses and all necessary information incidental to your loss.

After we found your case is eligible for a refund, and collected all the relevant evidence, it's time to arrange all the relevant information, in a way that will be easily & effectively presented to the relevant financial institutes. This might sound like a simple thing, but it's actually one of the most complicated tasks in the process. Dealing with the financial institutes often requires a profound understanding of laws and regulations in different regions of the world, as well as knowing the bank / cards terms of service, agreements, and chargeback / refunds mechanisms.

Sometimes, it's possible to get your refund by confronting the scammer itself. We already know how those scammers work, and after being for such a long time in this business, we know how to hit them in the places where it hurts them the most. They are terrified of our company, and know that once we step in, it could end up with BIG troubles for them.

These are mostly Banks & Card companies, but not only - we already managed to have refunds from online payment service providers as well (like paypal or skrill). If the crooked broker won't return your funds, we will work our way to it through their bank or other payments service providers, as well as your bank or card company, according to the method you used to fund your trading account.


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Let's help you with your chargeback. We're more than happy to hear from your and always ready to help.

Helpline +447438299903 (WhatsApp only)

100% Response Rate

Our team is happy to go over your case and work out a timeline for your chargeback any time, any day.

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